MultiResolution – 128, 256, 512 and 1204px

MultiPlatform – Bedrock, JAVA and MCPE

Full RTX and PBR support

I create the packages myself and try to make them with the greatest respect for the original vanilla textures. My goal is to keep the Minecraft look, but to create a realistic high resolution. At the same time, i want RealSource textures to be original and sophisticated. All textures in the package must match in color and fit into one pleasant feeling.

All this work will take a lot of time. I’m the father of two children and I have my own business, so i don’t have much time. I give all my work to DOWNLOAD for free in 128px resolution.

If you like my job, support me and get an HD account.

Your support will help me devote more time to RealSource instead of other work.

RealSource RTX packs for Minecraft

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Choose your version of Minecraft to continue:

RealSource news

RealSource Realistic pack 1.2

MCPE version July 1
Release notes and info SOON

RealSource Carton pack beta 0.1
for RTX and MCPE coming July 8




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